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About FlashCash
1.1 What is FlashCash?

FlashCash is Indian's Quickest and Easiest Personal Loan Platform where the young workers can avail cash from ₹ 2,000 to ₹ 50,000 in a few hours.

FlashCash has been in close collaborations with financial institutions like banks, credit bureaus as well as official departments.

To apply for the FlashCash loan, the customer only have to offer some basic personal details.All procedures are digital.

No paperwork or collateral are required. Friend in need is friend indeed. FlashCash has always strived to be your most supportive friend at any time.

1.2 Who can apply for a FlashCash loan?

Due to the regulations, FlashCash only offers financial service to the individual who has been over 18 years old. The eligible customer is supposed to be a salaried official worker with a minimum salary of ₹18,000.

1.3 How does FlashCash disburse the fund?

FlashCash is a fin-tech company that has close partnership with NBFC. The fund was disbursed by NBFC.

1.4 Why should I choose FlashCash instead of banks?

Supposing that you apply the personal loan from the banks, it would usually take you at least 10 days to go through all of the application procedures.

Lots of paperwork shall be signed and a guarantor may be required. Compared with the complicated bank procedures,the loan application on FlashCash is more flexible.

The whole process is paperless and it only takes you 4 steps and 10 minutes to complete the application process.

Once the application is approved, the cash will be transferred to your bank account in a few hours.

1.5 Is my information safe with FlashCash?

Privacy&security have always been given top priority at FlashCash. All transactions are 100% secured.

We comply with the highest security standards & protocols. We won’t share your personal information with anyone without your consents.

Loan Application
2.1 What is the personal certification?

For any entities that involve with financial transactions, personal certification is mandatory. At FlashCash, the customer only have to go through 4 steps to complete the certification part.

Namely, Personal Certification, Personal Information, Company Certification and ID Verification.

2.2 What is the normal process for a person to avail the loan from FlashCash?

Normally, there are 4 steps for the customer to complete a full round of loan application at FlashCash.

1. Register the app and fill in minimum personal details

2. Get e-approved for the loan application

3. Avail the cash that is credited to the bank account

4. Repay on time before the due date

2.3 What kind of documents should I provide when applying for the loan?

The application process is paperless. Generally, no paper work is required. In the certification part, the PAN, Voter ID or Driving Licence may be needed.

2.4 How long will it take for me to complete the whole application process?

If the information is accurate, the loan will be disbursed within hours on approval.

2.5 What is the credit score?

There are 4 distinguished credit information companies that track the credit score of the individuals. Namely, Experian, TransUnion, CIBIL, Highmark and Equifax.

All of the institutions have been devoted to tracking and recording the loan lending and repayment situations of the individuals. The information they tracks will be severed for credit score related occasions.

2.6 I cannot log in or register for the app, what should I do?

You need to obtain requisite app permissions before login to FlashCash. If you fail to get the permission, please check the setting of your phone.

2.7 I cannot get the OTP, what should I do?

OTP is delivered by the network operator. Poor network connection will make you unable to receive the OTP timely.

Switch off your phone, restart the device and try again later. Besides, the 10-digit number without prefix is preferred.

2.8 I fail to pass the facial recognition, what should I do?

Be sure to update the app to the latest version. Then open the app and upload the Aadhaar photo again under non-obstructed network conditions.

Keep your face away from the phone screen at a range of 20cm-50cm Make sure you are in a well-lit environment where you can directly face the light source.

Make sure your whole face appear in the box.

2.9 I cannot upload my Aadhaar photo, what should I do?

Please be sure to have updated the app to the latest version. And then open the app and upload the Aadhaar photo once again under non-obstructed network.

The Aashaar number, name, birth date and profile picture should be recognizable on the uploaded photo.

2.10 My certification has been pending for more than 24 hours, what is the reason?

In some cases, it will require some time for us to verify your profile. Don’t worry! You will be notified instantly when your profile has been verified.

2.11 My application has been rejected. What was the reason?

There are multiple reasons for the rejection. The applicants don’t conform to our auditing rules shall be rejected and those with a fake profile or low credit score shall also be rejected.

2.12 I applied for the loan but I didn’t avail the money immediately.

In some cases, it will take 24 hours for us to audit and the loan shall be disbursed later. Don’t worry!We shall notify you instantly when the disbursal is completed.

2.13 Why should I e-sign the loan agreement?

Loan agreement is a legal-binding agreement that anyone has to sign before availing a loan.The agreement has provided that once the loan is disbursed, the borrower is liable to repay the full amount of the loan, the interest and other charges when the repayment is due.

Loan Repayment
3.1 How can I repay the loan I availed with FlashCash?

For the Short Term Product, you can simply close the loan by clicking the repayment buttons on the repayment surface before or on due date.

For the Installment Loan Product, there are separate due dates corresponding to each installment. You are supposed to repay each installment before or on the due date. Of course you can also repay the 2 installment in one time if you haven’t closed the first installment before the 36th day from when you avail the loan .

3.2 How to calculate the repayment date?

For the Short Term Product, the due date is the 15th or 30th day from the date when the loan arrives in your account.

For the Installment Loan Product, there are two due dates corresponding to each installment. The due date for each installment is clearly marked when you apply for the loan. Don’t worry! we will remind you in advance.

3.3 Can I repay the loan before the appointed repayment date?

Of course, you can repay the loan at anytime before the due date. In return, FlashCash will reward you with abundant flashcoins. Besides, the positive repayment behaviors will have positive effect on your personal credit report.

3.4 If I don’t repay the loan on time, what will be the influences?

Firstly, when the loan is overdue, the overdue fee will be charged on daily basis.

Secondly, your credit score will be marked as defaulter in the revelant credit rating agencies(Cibil and Crif), which will negatively prevent you from getting any kinds of financial supports from any banks or financial institutions in the future.Personal credit score is a key factor in many occasions. For example, many companies have taken a potential employee’s credit score into consideration when hiring people. If the personal credit score is low, they will not employ.

3.5 What is overdue repayment? How to repay the overdue loan?

Overdue repayment refers to the loan the customer fails to repay on time. In this case, FlashCash will charge the customer overdue fees on daily basis. You can directly click the repayment button on the repayment page to close the loan accordingly. You are highly advised to repay on or before the due date to save unnecessary overdue charges as well as negative influence on your personal credit reports.

3.6 Can I pay off the two installments in one time?

Of course, you could. You could repay the two installments in total before the sixth day from the first due date if you haven’t repaid the first installment. From the 36th day, the one-time full repayment won’t be allowed.

3.7 If I fail to repay my installments on time, what will happen?

The overdue fee and daily penalty charge will be charged for each installment that is overdue.You can check the Charge Section for more information.

Charges Queries
4.1 What is the interest charged on the loan I availed with FlashCash?

The interest fee is charged by the bank to disburse the funds. The annualized interest rates of our products vary between 1-36%.

4.2 What is the processing fee charged on the loan I availed with FlashCash?

For Installment Loan Product - Processing fee varies from Rs.350 up to Rs.900 flat. For Short Term Loan Products - Processing fees range from Rs.200 to up to Rs.1500 flat.

The processing fee depends on your loan amount and tenure and will be available when you apply for the loan.

4.3 What is installment processing fee and why is it being charged?

Applying for the installment loan via FlashCash saves you a lot of time, money and energy as there is minimal documentation and zero manual intervention involved. We incur significant costs from the back-end to deliver an easy and seamless loan application process to you. Also, it is a standard practice followed in all financial institutions to charge a processing fee upfront as a part of the loan application process. For our Installment Loan Product up to 61 days ranging from ₹ 2,000 to ₹ 20,000, you will be charged a one-time overdue charge of ₹50-₹400.

4.4 Are there late repayment fee?

Yes, there will be one-time overdue charge and daily penalty charge on the overdue loan. The penalty amount depends on your loan amount and tenure and will be available to you when you apply for the loan.

To avoid overdue charges and negative influence on your credit reports, you are highly advised to repay on or before the due date.

4.5 What is the convenience fee?

Convenience fees are charges collected by Payment Gateway for online repayment. This convenience fee amount is added to your repayment amount when you make an online repayment.

Other Queries
5.1 Can I apply for multiple loans at the same time?

An individual can only apply for a loan at a time at FlashCash.

5.2 Can I change my loan terms?

Once the loan application is submitted, the loan terms such as amount and repayment date cannot be changed.

5.3 Can I get my loan application cancelled?

Once the loan application is submitted, it cannot be cancelled. Hence, when the loan is disbursed, the customer is supposed to repay the loan on time.

5.4 What if I change or lose my phone?

The account won’t be written off. Download and install the FlashCash app on your new phone and you just need to login in the account with the same number you registered before.

5.5 What if I change or quit my former phone number?

You need to send an email to service@flashcash4now.com , simply describe the issue and offer your new mobile number. Hence we can either de-activate your account or bind your account with the new number.

5.6 What kind of OS does FlashCash support currently?

So far, we support only Android OS.

5.7 How can I reach FlashCash customer care team?

You can mail to us on service@flashcash4now.com or call us at 01204721900.

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